Kambo (Frog Medicine)


What is kambO?

Kambo is a resin secreted from the back of an Amazonian jungle frog that has been used for thousands of years in traditional medicine of many ancient tribes and people groups. 

Kambo was originally used to cleanse, strengthen, and energize the minds and bodies of hunters. It was used as a medicine for Malaria, fever, infections, and snakebites. It was also used to combat laziness and clear away dark or negative energy. Shamans would carefully collect the frogs to harvest the kambo secretions, and the frogs were never harmed in the process. 

Kambo works on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. It is administered through the skin, and recipients usually experience a physical purge within a short time of receiving the medicine. Taking kambo on a regular basis brings everything back into balance, physically, emotionally and energetically. It clears away obstacles in life, rids us of unhealthy thinking, and unpicks negative conditioning. For many people it’s a very challenging journey, but despite that, everyone senses the depth of love that the kambo spirit generates. Kambo cleans our energetic field, putting us in a very receptive state wherein everything flows easily and naturally and we are surrounded by a green light that draws in what we need in life. It opens the ‘third eye,’ enhances perception and encourages vibrant, often metaphorical dreams and deep sleep.