Erica Sandstedt

is a Mesa Carrier, Ordained Minister and Sound Healer. For more than15 years she has studied and practiced Neo-Shamanism. She has been trained in various Peruvian shamanic practices, has a private practice, and facilitates group journey work.  

I’d like to acknowledge my teachers and the opportunity that life has provided to empower me as a healer. In deep gratitude, thank you. 

2008-present Ridhwan School – Diamond Heart Approach

2007-present Silvia Nakkach – Voice and sound healing and Indian Raga’s. 

2005-2008 Ralph Metzner – Alchemy Divination certification. 

2005-2006 Oscar Miro-Quesada, United States - Mesa work, intentional Alters. 

2007 Tito La Rosa and family – Sound healing in Peru and United States. 

2002 – 2009 Don Jose Campo, Amazon portion of Peru. Including healing plants indigenous to the Amazon. 

1999 – 2003 Shamanist healing and training with Isa Gucciardi core Shamanist healing techniques—journey work, soul retrieval, spirit release, divination, empowerment and soul loss, psychopomp, drum healing, energy medicine, dream interpretation, Depth Hypnosis study, Introduction to Plant medicine. 

1991 – 1998 Astrology with Stephie Auston. 

1983 – 1989 Warner Earhart (EST) 

1979 –1982 Osho Ashram in Poona India. 

1978 Studies with the Tibetan culture including daily discourse with the Dalai Lama—Full moon Ceremonies, and Tea meditations, cultural exchanges.